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Op/tech Soft Pouch D-SLR, black
(OP 7401094)
24,95EUR 9,92EUR

The Soft Pouch™ - Digital D-Series pouches from OP/TECH USA offer ideal protection against impact, moisture and dust. With the addition of the three “zoom” sizes, we can fit cameras with lenses measuring up to 6” (15,2 cm) in length. Avoid expensive repair and cleaning bills by protecting your camera while in use or in storage. These easy-access neoprene cases fit most film and digital cameras. The pouches in the larger styles were designed with enough room in the lens area that a lens hood can be mounted backwards in the storage position and still fit in the pouch. Non-marring snaps securely close the flap cover on the bottom of the pouch. A unique retaining strap attaches the case around the lens or to the tripod mount so that it is out of the field of view when taking a picture (D-Micro, D-Mini, D-Small, D-Compact and D-Offset have a snap hook lanyard that attaches to the camera or strap), or it can be fastened to a belt or bag strap. These pouches are great for use in the field as they are lightweight, weather resistant and the case closes around the neck strap so that the neck strap is still usable. This makes the pouches a streamlined and convenient way to protect your gear. There’s no need to carry the bulk of an oversized bag when you can have the protection and convenience of the Soft Pouch™ - Digital D-Series.

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Soft Pouch D-SLR, black

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